What are the ingredients in the BootRescue products?

Our wipes, wax and spray contain 100% natural ingredients such as essential oils (green tea, orange & grapefruit extract), beeswax, coconut oil and acetic acid.

What’s the difference between ShoeRescue and BootRescue?

While both are all-natural and work on any fabrics (suede, leather, rubber, fabric), ShoeRescue is perfect for day to day cleaning of dirt, grime and surface stains and BootRescue for removing salt stains and general cleaning.

Can I use any of the BootRescue wipes on suede, as well as leather?

Yes, you can use any of our shoe wipes on even the most delicate of suede. Some shoes, when either very old or made of not great quality, may not be colorfast, in which case anything you use to clean them (even a damp paper towel) could take some of the color off. That’s why it’s always good to test on a small, barely visible area first. See next question for HandbagRescue.

Can I use HandBagRescue on suede, as well as leather?

As it contains essential oils, we only recommend using HandBagRescue on leather. It can darken suede a shade or two. BootRescue or ShoeRescue both work on suede, so you may want to try either of those instead.

Do I need to wash my hands after using any of the BootRescue products?

No, hand washing is not necessary as none of our wipes contain any chemicals or toxins.

Will it harm my shoes or boots if I use the wipes frequently?

No, they don’t contain anything harmful to footwear, so you can use them as often as you like. Be sure you have already tested for colorfastness in an unobvious area, as some shoes, when either very old or made of not great quality, may not be. If they are not, anything that you use to clean them (even a damp paper towel) could take some of the color off.

Is there anything I should be doing before using any of the wipes?

Always spray new boots and shoes with protector spray, or coat with a protective wax, right away before wearing, to keep water and salt stains from damaging the leather or suede. Then, when salt stains appear, use BootRescue as soon as possible for best results.

If you’re using any of the shoe wipes on suede, it’s always a good idea to brush the shoe or boot with a suede brush or a stiff cloth beforehand. This will get out any loose dirt and keep the nap looking its best.

Are all of the BootRescue wipes vegan friendly?

Yes, they don’t contain ingredients derived from animals, nor ones that have been tested on animals.

Will I need to use more than 1 wipe to clean my shoes or boots?

One wipe is typically enough to clean one pair of boots or shoes, though it will depend on the amount of salt, dirt or grime that you’re trying to remove. Tougher stains may require more than one, but if it is just regular maintenance cleaning, 1 wipe can often even take care of 2 or more pairs.

Do I need to reapply protector spray after using any BootRescue wipes?

Our wipes won’t remove the protective coating, however, it’s a good idea to regularly reapply protective spray or wax to boots and shoes as the coating does wear off with use, especially in bad weather. See our care tips for more information.

Do I need to go outside to use the protector spray?

No, because it's 100% natural and contains no chemicals or toxins, you can use indoors.