Care Tips for Your Handbags

Considering how much we use them and how many (messy) places we put them, handbags sure can get dirty. Follow these easy steps for keeping them looking their best.


As with boots or shoes, you should spray your leather & suede bags all over with protector spray before using them. That way if you get caught in the rain and your bag gets wet, the water won’t damage it. You can even buy a little ‘raincoat’ (plastic cover) for your bag for maximum protection.


For day-to-day touch ups and to remove surface stains, you can use HandBagRescue wipes. They’ll not only clean, but will also condition leather bags with essential oils, to make them smooth and soft and last longer. 


To help handbags keep their shape, it’s best to stuff them with newspaper before storing them. And be sure to store them in a temperature-controlled environment. That way sunlight or extreme heat won’t cause leather to dry out, fade or crack.